hello effy, i'm jesus christ

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I’m gonna answer this one and delete the other 3 you asked me.

1. Music
2. Reading in my balcony when it’s raining or not.
3. Discovering new music.
4. Listening to foreign music like French, Russian or any foreign music bc I like to detect the emotion or so I can get an idea if it’s a sad or happy or any emotion song.
5. Watching fashion shows and studying it.
6. Socialising
7. Meeting new people
8. I draw like really weird art and I really like it.
9. My crush makes me laugh so fucking hard. His smile is so nice and big and his lips are a red pigment and so plump and kissable. He’s the class clown and he acts so stupid that it’s funny.
10. I like to people watch at the High Line. They have this section where there’s a big window and you can sit and watch people.
11. I love thrifting.
12. Visiting art galleries or museum.
13. My friends.
14. Being myself.
15. Sleep.